Friday, October 23, 2015

How to Link your Blogger Pages to Your Labels

The purpose of Label in blogger is to help organize your post into appropriate category such that related posts are found in a particular label. Pages on your blog helps people to navigate your blog easily. To create pages on your blog and link them with labels, you should have attached labels to each of your posts.
Make sure you are using blogger's label for this tutorial to work. To create a label, just navigate to the left side bar of your post editing section and click on label and place all related post in that particular label. You can choose to name it anything you like. Each time a reader clicks that label, all post related to it should appear.

Next is creating your pages using those labels. From your blogger dashboard click on pages, then select new page, next click on web address.
On the first box type any name which you'll like to name the page. And on the next box type in the address which should be like this http://yourBlogAdress/search/label/YOUR LABEL NAME
For example i have a label name 'blogging' and i want to use it to create a page, then the address will be like this You can follow this procedure to create as many blogger pages linking them with labels.

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