Monday, November 9, 2015

How To Resume Expired Download Link On Android UC Browser

Have you ever tried downloading a large file from the internet with UC Browser only to discover you cant resume the download after a network interruption, This can be really annoying because you will have to start the download all over again, but not everybody have the whole time in the world to wait to re-download a file especially if its more than 1GB.  Today i bring you an easy trick you can use to continue your download in case you fall into this trap again

Steps • First of all >>> Exit your UC browser.
• Now, go to UC browser download folder.
• Note: the download folder is named “UCDownloads
• In the download folder, there are two files: the main downloading file and a temporary download file with the extension .dltemp
• Now, copy both files to a different location
• Have you done that? If yes, open your UCBrowser and restart the download.
Pause the download and minimize your UC browser >>> open UCdownloads folder and delete the two new files downloaded.
• Now, simply move the files you copied to another location back to the UCDownloads folder.
Maximize the UC browser and un-pause the download, you will see that it will start from where it stopped, in other words, it will resume the previous download without stress.
This is just the simple trick, hope you found this helpful, you can also check out the 10 Fast Download Managers which has the ability to resume dead or expired downloads unlike UC browser.


  1. This your trick on how to Resume Expired Download Link is quiet interesting. I usually do not like going back to my old downloads...

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