Thursday, November 19, 2015



Formerly known as Football Manager Handheld, Football Manager Mobile 2016 is the simplest and quickest way to manage your chosen club to glory.
Compatible with almost all smartphones and tablets, Football Manager Mobile is designed to be played in short bursts on the move, with a focus on tactics and transfers.
Take charge of any club from 14 countries across the world, including all of the big European leagues.
You decide on transfers, tactics, who plays and who sits on the bench. You balance the books and it’s down to you to keep the players, board and fans happy.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

How To Increase Android Phones RAM Up To 4GB

Insufficient RAM, memory is too small? Use your SD card as a working memory expansion! A Memory Manager which make’s your life more easy as you think.
This tutorial will teach you how to expand the ram of your android devices in order to play heavy games without lags...
Also, you need to check if the ram expander is compatible with your phone using memoryinfo & swap file check
MemoryInfo & Swapfile Check: The purpose of this program is to test whether your device (Kernel!) is compatible with ROEHSOFT RAMEXPANDER

Monday, November 9, 2015

How To Resume Expired Download Link On Android UC Browser

Have you ever tried downloading a large file from the internet with UC Browser only to discover you cant resume the download after a network interruption, This can be really annoying because you will have to start the download all over again, but not everybody have the whole time in the world to wait to re-download a file especially if its more than 1GB.  Today i bring you an easy trick you can use to continue your download in case you fall into this trap again

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Top Reasons to Choose Blogger as your First Blog

You as a beginner, creating a blog is as complicated and hard to imagine, all you do is to make research, ask questions. Today you are going to learn the reasons why you should use blogger for your new blog as a beginner, blogger is a blogging platform established by Google decades ago to help writers, bloggers, journalists air their mind to the public without any cost i.e free.
Apart from blogger we have many other free blogging platforms such as wordpress, Tumblr and many more they also perform the same purpose as blogger, and they are hosted on their servers you are not the one to host it but some blogging platforms like blogger allows you to buy a custom domain and point it to your blog without upgrading to a premium plan like Wordpress. Now you would be thinking why I recommend blogger for beginners and not wordpress

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

3 Questions You Must Ask Yourself Before Choosing A Niche

What is a niche
A niche is a particularly focused topic which you want to blog about. Your niche may be on sport, health, fashion, entertainment, news, etc.
The blogging arena is now being populated. More people are becoming bloggers everyday. Most people are into blogging because they want to make quick money so they just rush into it and start copy and pasting. Blogging is more than that. Don't believe otherwise.
Not choosing the right niche is the biggest mistake starters make. Have you ever felt like giving up on your blog? That's probably because you chose the wrong niche. You should be passionate about what you've chosen to write/blog about.
Though, it is true that your chosen niche is something you're passionate about, something you have a wide knowledge about, but you should know that some niche monetize better than others. Yes monetization should be part of your consideration in choosing a niche.
These are the 3 questions you should ask yourself before choosing a niche.

Easiest and Best Way to get Adsense Approval

What is Adsense?
AdSense (Google AdSense) is an advertising placement service by Google. The program is designed for website publishers who want to display targeted text, video or image advertisements on website pages and earn money when site visitors view or click the ads. Many people have made millions of money from adsense, no doubt it is one of the best way to make money from website. Today I'm going to share you the simple and  best way to get adsense approval so you too can start making money from it.
If you do not have adsense account, follow these steps (or they will not approve you).

Top 18 Blog Post Ideas To Boost Your Readers Engagement

The kind of content you offer to your readers matters a lot. Contents can actually make or mare your blog. It is time to drop ‘copy and paste’ and be creative with your posts. If you’ve been struggling for the type of content to post on your blog, if you want more comments and readers engagement for your blog, then this post is for you.
In this post I’ve compiled 18 blog posts ideas to keep your readers engaged and boost your blog traffic. Read them below.

Monday, November 2, 2015

How to Fix Files Appearing as Shortcuts on PC

Are you faced with the issue of having your files on laptop/desktop turn to shortcuts. You need not worry because i bring you a solution on how to fix it this problem, most would have known about this app for a long time now, while some wouldn't have, the help you out is called Usbfix.

Usbfix is a free malware removal tool that helps users detect and remove infected USB memory sticks, including your internal hard drive and other external storage devices like HDD (hard drive), smartphones, digital cameras or any other device you connect to your PC via the usb port.

Without wasting much time;
• Download USBfix
• If its the files on your PC that is infected, go straight to the next step, but if its your usb drive or smartphone, connect it to your PC, then,
• Once installed, open and click clean, if an assistance message pops out, click no,
• Wait till the cleaning process finishes,
• When its done, click ok, and go to vaccinate. then you can vaccinate your internal hard drive or external drives against viruses.

• You're all done.. Your files are back.

Download USBfix