Monday, October 19, 2015

How to Backup Blogger Blog and Templates

In this post, we will see how to backup and restore Blogger blog and templates. The blog includes all your blog posts and the images. Sometimes when editing your blogger template, errors can occur, and with a backed up copy of your template, you can be rest assured of replacing it to its former state. Google with its strict rules has full control and also the right to delete your blog at any time without warning. Also, your account could get hacked in future by hackers who might decide to delete all your blog post or you when you mistakenly delete your post. These are some of the reasons why you have to backup your Blogger blog and template so that all the efforts you've put in for months/years going wont go down the drain.
How to Backup Blogger Template
From your blogger dashboard, navigate to 'template'.
• Click on 'Backup/restore'.
• Select 'download full template'.
• A dialog box appears, click on 'save as'.
• Choose the location on your PC
• Then save the template.

How to Restore Blogger Template
Follow the steps listed above to access 'backup/restore' in your blogger template.
• Click on 'Browse'
• Navigate to location of the template in your PC. Select it.
• Click on 'upload'
  How to Backup Blogger Post
• Navigate to 'settings'.
• Click on 'other'
• Click on 'export blog'
• Click on 'download'.
How to Backup Entire Blogger Account
To backup multiple Blogger blogs or the entire blog at once
• Go to Google takeout . Here, you can also backup all your images.
• Select 'Blogger' for post and 'Google photos' for images.
• Click on 'next'.
• Select 'create archive' and then 'download'  the download will be sent to your email.
Those are the easy steps that you can use to backup your blogger blog, backup your blogger template, and restore the template.

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